September Study Reading Plans 2018

For weeks I have been feeing the back to school vibes. It is my favourite time of the year! The birth month of our Saviour! September is probably my favourite month of the year which is odd because with November being my birthday month you would think that that was my favourite month of the year.

Over the summer I finished part one of at least a three part Bible study project I ambitiously decided to start almost a year and a half ago! I am not quite ready to talk much about it in depth yet but maybe by this time next year. Getting that first part and probably the hardest part finally done felt brilliant, a personal achievement and a thank you gift back to God. It feels as if I am incapable of following through on projects and ideas unless they are God related which is interesting to me. I know my personal record of starting things and not finishing them so seeing the growing record of God related projects that I am completing is a real morale booster and further proof of His power and presence to me in my life. His Spirit sustains me far longer than I would stick it out alone, not that we are ever alone but you know.. it is different when you do something with permission and blessing compared to just doing something by your own steam from your own interest.

I am taking a break from that project before I start part two and taking up another possibly equally ambitious project – this month’s study reading list!

I have really been enjoying the readings from The Daily Bible in Chronological Order (NIV) by F Legard Smith recommended by David Pawson in his Unlocking the Bible series so I want to continue to read that every morning. I credit finding and using a readers translation without chapter and verse (ESV) several years ago and reading in chronological order for really helping me to mature in my faith, enjoy Scripture, understand it, apply it practically and want to stay and walk in it.
September picks up from where we left off in Ezekiel and has readings from Daniel, Jeremiah, Job, Psalms, Haggai and Zechariah. I am also trying to incorporate more Puritan literature into my studying so I have The Puritan Daily Readings by Randall J Pederson who co-authored Meet the Puritans, by another Bible teacher I like, Dr Joel Beeke, I would also recommend Bible believers read. This month it is focusing on the Puritan John Owen and his theme is Communion with God.
Then feeling that I need to focus on the human story, because my empathy and compassion really needs an improvement/upgrade right now, and in particular Biblical women I will be working my way through Women of the Bible a One Year Devotional Study by Ann Spangler and Jean E Syswerda. Focusing on Eve, Sarah, Hagar and Lot’’s wife.

For the last two years I have been going off and on to the Women’s Bible study group at church but with ill-health and life in general it has been more off than on and I still feel the need to connect with these women who can teach me so much about Godliness, holiness and femininity. I will see what I can glean with the Spirit’s help and God willing I can attend the group meetings again in the future.

What does your September study  reading list look like?

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